ReddCoin (RDD)

Reddcoin is an alternate cryptocurrency that is branded as "The Social Currency". It strives to become the social currency by encouraging tipping over on social network such as Reddit, Twitter, etc. in order to bring digital currency to the mainstream public.

The Reddcoin wallet covers all major operating system platform which includes Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Some key features highlighted on the Reddcoin official website includes a Reddcoin Social API, strong community backing, easy micropayment, and hugely beneficial for businesses that adopt it.

The codebase is a forked of Litecoin, using Scrypt as the proof of work algorithm.

It has an average block target of 1 minute, approximately 27 billion total coins supply, and a mining reward of 25,000 coins for every block solved. Reddcoin also uses the Kimoto's Gravity Well to retarget its mining difficulty to resists Multipools. Reddcoin will switch from PoW to PoSV on 2 August 2014.

Crypto Coin Details

Name ReddCoin
Abbreviation RDD
Algorithm Scrypt
Genesis Date 19 January 2014
Proof of Work True
Proof of Stake True
Proof of Burn False


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