Harm Reduction: Safely Using Foil to Smoke

CCODP believes in the practice of harm reduction. We provide this information to keep those who use substances as safe as possible.

Preparing Your Foil

Prepare a rectangular piece of aluminum foil. Smooth it out as much as possible. If your foil is crumpled, lay it out on a flat surface and smooth it with a lighter.

Shape your foil so it has a catch for your drugs. Common practice is to put the shiny side down and smoke on the dull/matte side. Note: Aluminum Oxide will be released when you smoke off foil but pre-burning it may reduce this effect.

Some brands of foil might have a thin layer of plastic and should not be used. You shouldn’t use soda cans either for this same reason. Durable foils like Pitmaster will keep your leftovers for next time, if folded with care.

Heating the Fentanyl

Put your fentanyl on one end of your shaped foil.

Heat your fentanyl until it starts to vaporize. Start your flame well below the foil and lift it slowly until you see the fentanyl give off its vapor. Keep it at that level. Note: Fentanyl has a lower flash point than tars so take care not to overheat it. Do not blow on your foil if you think you’ve overheated it; you’ll lose your drugs.

Keep the liquid fentanyl moving by gently tilting your foil.

Smoking Fentanyl

Chase the vapor with your straw while inhaling. A straw with a smaller diameter will give you more vapor with less air.

Go slow. Wait a few minutes after your first hit. Listen to your body. People have gone out minutes after a hit.

A Note About Straws

Glass straws are preferable; they’re sturdy and you can collect the residue with a brillo or smoke it right out of the pipe.

Paper straws are also a good option.

Foil can be shaped into a makeshift straw but will heat up much faster.

Plastic is not recommended as it will melt.

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